How To Fix Your Broken Relationship -Trick To Fixing A Broken Relationship


One of the most painful things in life is watching a beautiful relationship getting destroyed. Almost every one of us has sometime or the other faced a point in our romantic life, where it seems all is lost and there is no way out, except a permanent separation. The reasons can be varied and at times range from serious to the downright ridiculous. Nevertheless, whatever the issue, the misery of knowing that a love-to-be is not working can be a heartbreaking experience. More so, when deep down we know that the love is true and the relationship meant to last a lifetime. If you have ever wondered how to fix your broken relationship, today, I am going to share a few practical tips to help you do just that.

how to fix a broken relationship

how to fix a broken relationship

There are innumerable married couples whose togetherness and decades old love seem too good to be true. Despite the years, these partners seem so much in love. How does that happen? Are they fated to have no problems ever in life? No! Wherever there are humans, there are problems. These couples too, have their share of fights and some serious ones at that. But, they never give up and have learnt the magic of how to fix a broken relationship. Here is a link to a wonderful feature on love and marriage, “Top 5 Secrets of long lasting love and marriage.

Empathy and Tolerance 

People can have oodles of intelligence, but at times, they lose the ability for empathy. To put oneself in another’s shoes and understand what they are going through can do a lot to mend a broken romance. Each person alone understands his or her pain and problems in life. If only, we take a few minutes to forget our own issues and look at the whole issue from our partner’s perspective, it will go a long way in easing the tension. This of course, does not mean that if the partner is wrong, we have to overlook their misdeeds, it just means that we would have a better insight into the problem, which would in turn give us a clue in how to fix a broken relationship.



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The second half of this is tolerance. Empathy is useless, if it is not combined with tolerance of our partner’s foibles. Whatever is the issue, it could be a violent temper, inability to commit or something as unromantic as snoring. Do we throw away our loved one for any of these? Yes, if we are unable to overcome our reaction to it. But, once we find the root cause, we have to help our loved one and above all give them time to come out of it. A little tolerance can go a long way in sustaining what is otherwise a great match. . If you would like to know more about these, check out this article on “Empathy and tolerance for a great relationship.

Clear Communication 

Clear and simple communication is the key to understanding and resolving any problem. However, what we perceive as clear communication may sound like gibberish to our partner. Remember, every one of us likes to be told repeatedly how much we are loved in precise and clear terms. Similarly, a few words spoken about minor issues can escalate to the point of no looking back. Make sure that you communicate your feelings in easy to understand tones. After all. This is someone you love, not a hated rival at office. If your partner does not speak clearly, gently ask her or him to clarify the matter. Do read, “How communication can make or break a partnership” to know more.


If you truly are keen on how to fix a broken relationship, it is very very important to have objectivity and the ability to self analyze. When, we are part of the problem, we tend to lose focus and get heated up in the bargain.“Using objectivity to understand relationships better” is an excellent article on this subject. As many of us may have experienced, an angry or emotional mind, can lead to a lot of arguments, words that should not have been spoken, being hurled without restraint and behavior that simply does not lend itself to an atmosphere for making up. At such a time, detaching oneself from the issue is vital.

Learn to recognize sentimental bursts, before they happen and walk away until you have calmed down. Ask yourself why the outburst occurred and how you can resolve the issue. If you can find clarity during such moments, you will also find the answer for how to fix a broken relationship.

Self Analysis 

The biggest problem in life is that we are always blaming others and pointing fingers, seldom noticing that the remaining fingers are pointed right back at us. How many of us have the courage and the wisdom to analyse our own selves and the role we may have played in breaking up a relationship? Not only we do not give it a thought, but also we are unwilling to accept it, should anyone point it out to us. If you are truly seeking the key how to fix a broken relationship, learn to study and accept your own self, your unintentional actions, thoughts that may have aggravated the situation. For more information, you might want to read, “Self analysis for a better and more satisfying love life.”

Seek Help 

Sometimes, despite best intentions and all the love, couples are unable to come to an agreement. In such cases, outside help can play a vital in calming both parties and bringing about reconciliation. A third party may be able to help you with the above two issues, should you be unable to implement them. Not all of us can be objective or introspective. An outsider can see issues clearly without being blinded by the emotion of the parties involved. However, many people either hesitate to ask for outside help due to shyness or ego. This is a mistake. In many cases, more than our own efforts, an outsider can dramatically address how to fix a broken relationship and make it work again.

Relationships may be made in heaven, but hell does come visiting now and then. The trick is to take in your stride, just as a visit from annoying in-laws and keep the thought of your love fixed in your eyes and you will come shining through. Besides all the above, there are certain universal secrets how to fix a broken relationship that are known to a fortunate few in this world. If you would like to discover the magic of these secrets, check it out at http://magicofmakingupcourse.com/presentation_new/. It is guaranteed to change your life.

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