Find Out How Communication Can Make or Break a Loving Relation

Communication in Relationships — How Can you Make It More Better?

All life forms on this planet have been made out as communicating in one or the other form. The medium and modes of communication could be diverse and sometimes weird & differ from species to species. However, by every aspect the humans have proved themselves as the superior being by developing and subsequently refining their communication patterns and mediums. Language emerged as the most foremost tools of communicating with others to convey the standard meanings and messages.


However, the humans do communicate in more than one way. We are capable to employ our other senses like the eyes and expressions to convey our feelings and reactions. We do this because we are humans and have highest emotional quotients that are expressed through more than one form. However, when we fail with our intricate communication patterns, then it affects some of our most intimate relations including that of marriage. Let’s find out how communication can make or break a partnership.


communication in relationships

communication in relationships


Before we go into the intrinsic, it is necessary to know what actually communication is and how it is significant for the human life and relationships.

What is communication?

Communication is conveying the message to someone & which should be understood by the other person. This may sound as a brute definition of it; in common parlance communication relates to an activity of letting an individual know about your thought, demand, likes, dislikes or anything that is to be conveyed deliberately.


The significance of it–

As for relations, communication forms the core! Without conveying our feelings, emotions and thoughts and perceptions, we just cannot expect the resonance to build up. The interpersonal verbal communication that takes place between the life partners helps clear the inconsistencies and irritations that keep on emerging due to difference of perceptions of things and situations of life. This dimension assumes more importance when the lack of talk between the partners leads to widening of the rift and the relation reaches at the brink of break or termination in the form of divorce.

In most of the cases, it has been found that a dispute over a trivial matter of day to day life was outstretched by the lack of communication and led to the permanent loss of the vibrance of the relation. Conversely, a good communicating couple always sort out the discrepancies easily. The irritants have receded into the background and the life is resumed again.


How it determines the vibrancy of relations–

The human mind has an inherent affinity to live and preserve the good times as memories and sends the bad experiences into the background so that these become least effective over the passage of time. This is the power of ‘forgetting’ and something which is deplored in the academics parlances; but otherwise works equally well to restore the health of the psychological life adored by everyone. Allow this natural conditioning to be carried as it is and just don’t interfere to retain the bad experiences by withdrawing from communication.

How to enrich our communication and thus strengthen our married life?

Now, having understood the role of good communication, especially in the marital life, it would be wise to have a peep into the ways to maintain a cheered communication with the life partner so that that your relation emerges out as more strengthened one. Here are a few tips for you-


  • Romance & flirt – Generate lively, romantic and flirting spin offs to make out your emotions. This would be a great tool if you wish to cheer up your annoyed life partner.


  • Always find out some time to look into each other’s eyes – have a leisure time set aside to sit with each other just like that. Watching into each other’s eyes just have some beautiful emotions shared.


  • Just talk! – Engage in some good talk; the one which allows both of you to resonate rather than develop divergent views. No debates unnecessarily!


  • Share ideas and laugh – better if the couple shares their fancy ideas and some theory or thought to laugh at.


With these tips, try to build up more lively communicative orientations and make up a fine married life that is least vulnerable. Some guides and assistances can be taken from e-books like the one offered at the online portal- http://magicofmakingupcourse.com/presentation_new/. It lists out objective measures as how to resurrect the falling marital relationship through proper communication passages and life conditioning inputs.


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