Know the Significance of Empathy and Tolerance for a Great Relationship

Empathy in Relationships — The Power of Empathy in Happeir Relationships



Some relations are meant to be unique in that their ability to boost the life potentials and prospects is unparalleled. Marriage is one such relation where positive synergies cultured throughout the life infuses vitality and desires which escort the individual through any difficulties so that he/she emerges as the victor. However, the nurturing of it is really significant and in the current age of less of tolerance and empathy towards each other, our relations are breaking down fast.


Amid all the life materials and comforts that most of us now boast of, it is troublesome to note the fact that the human life is getting oriented more as ‘mine’ rather than as ‘ours’. This delineation has caused discrepancies in relationship of married couples who otherwise worry about the falling love quotients of their matrimonial life. Two of the most defining attributes of human life and soul are the empathy and tolerance and while these have remained as the challenges for every individual since ages, the adherence to these in the modern age has become more difficult. Let’s find out as why and how these two ingredients of life are significant to ensure a great relationship.


empathy in relationships

empathy in relationships


What empathy and tolerance mean and how these define the health of our relation?


Most of us are not aware of these while we do practice the same in our relations and life. The only difference is that of the proportion and whenever we fail to maintain the desired level of these, our relations start to suffer.

Empathy refers to the ability to perceive, understand and share the feelings of the other person who could be the spouse if we talk of marriage. The whole process from perception through understanding and sharing the feelings of the other person requires orienting the self energies towards the person. However, if the one is too busy on his or her ambitious passage, then surely no time could be found even to listen the thought of others. Only the materials prevail throughout the day and the better part of life. However, this is only one aspect where the busy lifestyles are held as responsible; the other more grave aspect is that of arrogance which could be due to gender or income based or anything that makes the individual to feel superior to the other/spouse. This transforms into dedicated neglect where the person has a respect only for his own thought and life.

The results–

Now it may not be difficult to understand that when a person fails to sense the emotions and feeling of the other then the relation can’t resonate. In a marriage, this resonance is of utmost importance which although is seeded through the passionate romances and life’s pleasures, has to be otherwise nurtured through the feelings and emotions of each other. However, when we fail to offer this nurturing, then our relation starts to wilt down in the same way as a plant loses vitality in the absence of water. The plant could be saved from dying in the hot sun if the water is supplied in time! Don’t let the time to run out in your life.

Why tolerance?

Tolerance is the successor attribute of the empathy and only when the latter is ensured, the person can try to be tolerant which is a personal challenge. This quality of tolerance requires a fine combination of courage and compassion in the individual mind and soul.


When a person develops the quality of empathy in self then he/she is able to perceive and share the feelings of his spouse. The tolerance, if carried by the individual would allow for accepting the undesirable habits and orientations of the other person. This is the gist of tolerance. Unfortunately, most of us, under the influence of life stressors have lost our tolerance to greater depths. This causes irritations in the married life or any relation. Conversely speaking, tolerance allows conditioning of the individual as against the life partner so that the relation does not suffer.


It is therefore always advisable that the person should accumulate more of empathy and tolerance towards the life partners or any relation so as to keep the broader goals of life going on the right path. However, married individuals are finding these two attributes difficult to maintain at the optimum levels and the relations are suffering, rather shattering. Vital escorts like the one offered at the web link – http://magicofmakingupcourse.com/presentation_new/ guide the individuals in the art of life, especially how to strengthen the marriage relation through the build up empathy, compassion and tolerance.


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